The riceKernel team are stoked to launch Socket, our suite of apps for Mortgage Advisers and their clients.

After 12 months of development and close collaboration with Aim Financial Services and LIME Group our CRM, Loan Application and Loan Planner apps are all now available to all NZ Mortgage Advisers.

The Socket Suite

Socket CRM: Our CRM tool is purpose-built for Mortgage Advisers, providing powerful client management functions, automation of common tasks, and tracking of client loan applications and fixed loan expiries.

Socket Loan App: With support for over 150 foreign currencies, automated calculation of loan repayments, income tax, kiwisaver, and student loan repayments, and designed to be completed by the client or the adviser on any device - our Loan App is designed to improve the client experience and streamline the completion of the application at interview.

Socket Loan Planner: Our Loan Planner is built for those clients who want more than a repayment calculator - and is intended to provide a competitive advantage to advisers who offer it to their clients. With advanced modeling of different loan events over the life of the loan, your clients can create detailed scenarios and compare the savings they can achieve.

Free Trial

Socket are offering a 1 month free trial to all advisers wishing to take our apps for a spin. The free trial gives full access to our suite of apps, as well as the opportunity to contribute to our backlog of feature requests and new app ideas. You can sign up for our free trial at

Special Thanks

The riceKernel team would like to sincerely thank the awesome teams at AIM Financial Services and LIME Group for their patience and advice during the development of Socket, and for their ongoing support.